MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions: Patient Engagement Strategies for Your Pharmacy

Patient engagement is a hot topic in health care, and rightly so. Studies show that patients who are actively involved in their care have better clinical outcomes and quality of life, which in turn, can contribute to lower health care costs.

“Specialty pharmacies are ideally positioned to have a positive impact on patient engagement,” says Stacey Ness, PharmD, CSP, MSCS, AAHIVP, RPh, Director of Specialty Clinical Services, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc (MHA). “They can identify and reduce barriers to treatment success, review therapy goals and treatment expectations, and provide patients with timely therapy-specific education and treatment support—all activities that enhance the patient experience and support optimal outcomes of specialty therapies.”

What innovative technologies, analytics, and insights do specialty pharmacies need to help their patients follow a treatment plan and stay healthy and productive? The MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions (SPS) team invests in, develops, and introduces new solutions that support specialty pharmacies in their goal of optimizing patient care.

Deep Insights, Analytics to Support Adherence and Persistence, and More
MHA is a leading health care services and technology company focused on the alternate-site health care provider marketplace. Through MHA SPS, specialty pharmacy members and business partners across the country gain access to innovative technology-based solutions that generate deep data insights and analytics that support therapy adherence, contract compliance, and more.

One such solution is the clinical therapy management (CTM) software application, which provides a clinical support pathway to help specialty pharmacies engage with and clinically manage their patients.

CTM is based on identified pharmacy outreach to the patient at key intervals within the patient’s treatment regimen to provide timely therapy and disease state education and treatment support, including reviewing goals of therapy, treatment expectations, and individualized patient counseling.

CTM addresses a range of complex specialty pharmacy therapeutic areas, including patients who require immune globulin therapy or treatments for hepatitis C, HIV, select cancers, inflammatory conditions, multiple sclerosis, or bleeding disorders.

A universal specialty module is also available and provides a general pathway that can be used for any specialty therapy and meets many accreditation needs. CTM also provides a host of centralized tools for reporting essential clinical and dispensing metrics required by payers, manufacturers, and referral sources, and for the management of patient care.

Building Partnerships with Innovative Technology Companies to Enhance Patient Care
The explosion of mobile technology has created a surge of new communication options for specialty pharmacies. According to a 2015 report from Pew Research Center, 64% of American adults own a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011.

Meanwhile, Medical News Today reported in September 2014 that 20% of smartphone users had one or more apps to track and manage their health. Smartphone-linked devices, apps, and wearable electronics are among the trending technologies that health care professionals, including specialty pharmacies, are employing to drive higher patient engagement.

The MHA SPS team closely monitors and evaluates technology solutions to help specialty pharmacies remain competitive and have access to innovations in health care. For example, MHA SPS is piloting a text-messaging and patient-monitoring platform intended to help pharmacies improve patient outcomes.

The service will create another touchpoint for pharmacists to help their patients take medications on time and as prescribed, receive important safety information, and remember to refill prescriptions. In addition, in May 2015, MHA SPS launched a new Web-based reporting platform for MHAuthorizeRxTM powered by CoverMyMeds, a leader in electronic prior authorization solutions.

The addition of this exclusive reporting suite provides MHA pharmacy members with an easily accessible, built-in analytics platform to help drive visibility into their prior authorization activities and trends. Convenient, data-driven information about prior authorization activity enables pharmacies to better understand the electronic prior authorization process and improve their patient outcomes.

“Our unique collaborations with leading-edge health care technology companies are focused on helping our pharmacy members drive business efficiencies and enhance patient care,” says Erik Halstrom, Vice President, MHA SPS.

Solutions for Success
Armed with a deep understanding of the market and the needs of specialty pharmacy stakeholders, MHA SPS offers an ever-expanding spectrum of specialty service solutions, including: “We are committed to partnering with our specialty pharmacy members and providing tools, resources, and expert services that address their current and future needs,” says Halstrom. 

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