August 2, 2021


AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Ownership Services

AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Ownership Services
As is true of most pharmacists and pharmacy owners, you probably don’t understand all the complexities of buying and selling an independent pharmacy, nor should you. It’s much more important to focus on providing quality patient care and making sure your business runs smoothly. But when the time comes to buy or sell a pharmacy, a lack of expertise in that area makes it critically important to get help from someone who has deep knowledge of pharmacy ownership transition
That’s what makes AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Ownership Services so valuable. Our pharmacy acquisition advisers do this all day, every day, and leverage decades of experience to simplify the transition process. They provide comprehensive guidance and hands-on assistance every step of the way, helping sellers get the highest return possible and positioning buyers for long-term success with ongoing support from a dedicated business coach.
Comprehensive Guidance From Experienced Advisers
Our pharmacy acquisition advisers have deep knowledge of pharmacy ownership transition. By sharing their expertise in a way that’s tailored and actionable, they’re able to eliminate all of the confusion that typically accompanies buying or selling an independent pharmacy. From confidential acquisition and exit planning through to the final sale, our advisers guide you using proven methods that instill confidence and peace of mind.
Hands-On Assistance Through Every Step of the Process
Our pharmacy acquisition advisers develop a close partnership with their buyers and sellers, working side by side with them rather than just pointing them in the right direction. They evaluate target locations for buyers, analyze the total cost of each acquisition from every angle, and bring established banking partners to the table. They support sellers by determining how much their pharmacy is worth, suggesting updates that will increase value, and helping to get those improvements done. Our advisers spend time with each buyer and seller to carefully define their unique goals so they can better identify the prospects that will help them meet those goals. This not only makes the transition process faster and easier, but it also leads to the best possible outcome.
Built to Connect the Right Businesses With the Right Buyers
We’ve developed an extensive network of thousands of independent pharmacies, which enables our pharmacy acquisition advisers to present you with a carefully curated collection of suitable opportunities. Through in-depth research, they’re able to determine the full market potential of specific locations and existing businesses with remarkable accuracy. The combination of that valuable insight and a tight-knit network helps them bring together buyers and sellers whose goals are perfectly aligned, ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the transaction.
Dedicated to Preserving the Legacy of Independent Pharmacy
We genuinely care about the future of independent pharmacy and we established Pharmacy Ownership Services with the simple purpose of preserving it. For sellers, that means helping them exit the business at no cost with the highest return possible and zero loose ends. For buyers, that means getting them the best value on a vetted, dependable business without any hefty broker fees and providing the continued support of an experienced business coach to ensure their success. Equally important, our pharmacy acquisition advisors guide the transition process to minimize the impact it will have on patients and staff, so those independent pharmacies can continue serving their communities with the same high level of care for many years to come.
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