August 2, 2021


BriovaRx: Making Complex Simple

BriovaRx: Making Complex Simple
Specialty conditions and related therapies can be challenging and overwhelming for patients, especially those new to treatment. With so many clinical, financial, and logistical variables to manage, it’s a challenge to stay engaged on the road to better health. This means patients often face low adherence rates, complications, hospitalizations, and suboptimal health.

We understand. BriovaRx is more than a specialty pharmacy. We’re here to simplify that complexity. We go beyond high-touch specialty management to synchronize all facets of care and provide a smart-touch approach for holistic and personalized patient experience. 

By connecting data and resources, applying broader health care management capabilities, and focusing care on the whole person, we deliver more targeted services for better health outcomes.

Holistic and Personalized Patient Care
Through our smart-touch approach to care, our patients don’t have to manage their conditions alone. They can count on expert guidance, helpful education, and genuine compassion throughout their entire course of treatment.

At BriovaRx, we focus on taking care of the whole patient, not just the prescription. This starts with our frontline support team—our patient care advocates. They are always there to ease a customer’s concerns while helping with new and refill prescription orders, prior authorizations, and more. In addition, they refer patients to clinicians for extra support whenever the need arises. 

Throughout their care journey, patients receive regular, ongoing monitoring by our experienced clinicians as part of our unique approach to clinical management: BriovaRx Therapy Solutions. This condition-specific program helps clinicians gather important pharmacy data, as well as medical and other information through patient whole-health assessments. These data help them identify therapy issues and gaps in care and personalize interventions. And because we know how important it is to keep every patient’s provider current on their health status, we provide proactive updates along the way.

We also offer unique engagement tools that take a holistic and innovative approach to care, keeping patients empowered and engaged in their well-being. The first-of-its-kind BriovaLive video consultations with a pharmacist, now available through appointment and on-demand, help patients learn how to administer their medication safely and with confidence. BriovaCommunity videos educate and comfort members and their caregivers by sharing condition-specific information and experiences from clinicians and other patients.
Critical Insights for Providers at the Point of Care 
BriovaRx eases the specialty medication administrative burden by allowing provider to concentrate on their patients, not paperwork. We eliminate excess telephone calls, e-mails and paperwork while providing transparency between the provider’s office and the pharmacy through a proactive referral process. 

At BriovaRx, we empower providers at the point of prescribing with cost and clinical information. Providers can access timely patient updates through BriovaRx Connect, our secure Web-based provider portal, and they have a clear view of their patient’s health through comprehensive patient and condition reporting. Also, BriovaRx clinicians regularly update providers on the health status of their patients. From side effect issues to dosing concerns and more, clinicians ensure that providers have the information they need at their fingertips to make fully informed decisions and provide optimal care, even in between regular office visits.
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