August 2, 2021


Temperature Intelligence™ Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies

Temperature Intelligence™ Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies
Pharmacists are, first and foremost, concerned about the safety of the medications they provide to their patients, whose satisfaction is essential to maintaining productive, long-term relationships and a viable business model. Yet, pharmacists today are working in a dynamic environment in which they are also required to be experts in drug interactions, temperature management, and logistics. Adding to this are growing accreditation and state board of pharmacy requirements that mandate pharmacies monitor and prove their quality standards and practices.

At Temptime, we understand the many challenges specialty pharmacies face, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of temperature monitoring solutions that help address their needs across the various segments of their businesses. This includes low-cost, chemically-based products, as well as sophisticated data-driven devices equipped with low-energy Bluetooth capabilities and cloud-based data storage.

For Patients
Temptime conducted research for more than 1 year to gain a clear understanding of what patients need and expect, especially those managing a chronic condition. What we learned is that they want information and assurance that the medications they are using will improve their quality of life. Products such as the TransTacker®, LIMITmarker® and FREEZEmarker® visual temperature indicators are easy-to-read and consumer-friendly, allowing patients to quickly determine whether a shipment has been exposed to potentially damaging heat or freeze conditions. Use of these cost-effective chemical indicators has resulted in increased patient satisfaction and also saves the pharmacy time and money by reducing the need for reships.
For PQ Testing
Temptime’s EDGE™ platform makes it easy for pharmacies to conduct accurate performance qualification (PQ) testing of insulated shipments, which frees pharmacists to focus their time and attention on patients and their medications. EDGE M-300 is a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled mobile temperature sensor that can be placed in a package to capture and transmit temperature data throughout transportation and storage. The M-300 can be monitored from a smartphone or tablet with the free and easy-to-use EDGEVue™ mobile app, giving users access to all of the information they need without opening the package. EDGEVue also allows users to set preferences such as alarms, data logging intervals, startup options, and time and temperature units. These data are easily uploaded to EDGECloud™ for sharing and can be exported or downloaded for reporting.
For Facility Monitoring and Accreditation
Pharmacists are taking on the ever-growing responsibility of assuring that highly valued, temperature-sensitive medications are received by patients per the manufacturer’s temperature specifications. In a growing number of states, board of pharmacy requirements are also generating a need for effective monitoring and reporting tools.  
The EDGE W-200 Wireless, Long-Range Temperature and Humidity Sensor (with LoRaWAN™ long-range wireless connectivity) and EDGEConnect™ are unique and innovative solutions that make facility monitoring simple. With EDGEConnect, the W-200 modules can be configured, managed, and monitored.  

For Pharmacists 
In addition to consumers, Temptime works closely with pharmacists and pharmaceutical manufacturers to understand temperature monitoring requirements. Through this work, these customers have learned how incorporating temperature monitoring into communication processes can improve the patient experience, contribute to a positive impact on an outcomes-based program, and reduce the number of costly reships and pharmacy customer service calls. 

About Temptime
Temptime Corporation is deeply committed to improving global public health. For nearly 30 years, our temperature monitoring devices have helped health care workers immunize millions of children around the world and extend care to regions previously thought to be unreachable.

Founded in 1987, Temptime scientists developed the first miniaturized technology to monitor temperature exposure of vials containing the oral polio vaccine. This time-temperature monitoring device continues to be the only technology that meets the strict specifications of the world’s leading health organization for distributing vaccines to developing countries. It satisfies the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Performance, Quality and Safety process for vaccine vial monitors performance specification, and follows WHO’s guidelines for manufacturers of temperature monitoring devices.

Our commitment is reflected through our dedication to understanding specific market needs and determining how we can bring innovative products to enhance those markets. Temptime has remained among the leading innovators in the pharmacy market by bringing new and patient-centric temperature monitoring solutions into the patient’s home. 

We partner with small, medium, and large national specialty pharmacies in mail order, retail, and hospital settings to control escalating specialty drug costs by reducing returns and reships. Monitoring temperature-sensitive shipments can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, protecting the integrity of the brand and maximizing value for the manufacturer and specialty pharmacy alike. υ
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