September 17, 2021

Selecting a Specialty Data Aggregator: Best Practices

By John Giannouris
Published Online: Monday, Nov 27, 2017

The specialty pharmacy marketplace has experienced exponential growth in just a few short years. As the market continues to mature, so, too, do the service and data visibility options available to manufacturers. Many companies boutique services for data aggregation, but require manufacturers to find alternate services for channel data management (shipments, sale out, etc), or  necessitate complex integration with a third-party reporting platform. In your search for a data provider, look for one able to handle both channel and patient data for a complete, longitudinal view of the product and patient journey.

A data aggregation service provider becomes an extension of an organization and a partner. When selecting a partner, don’t underestimate the complexity of integrating multiple technologies to fit business needs and the added cost of multiple service providers if you choose that path. Select this partner wisely, ensuring that the service provider is experienced, methodical, and able to deliver innovative distribution and patient care strategies outside the scope of traditional patient monitoring and data quality metrics. 

A key takeaway from this article is this: It’s crucial to involve a data aggregator early on. Their knowledge and expertise can help inform distribution strategy and guide the establishment of data agreements. Ensure that their reporting capabilities are in line with your organization’s goals and they have a track record of efficiently integrating disparate data to better assist in achieving optimal patient outcomes.

Data to Inform the Distribution Strategy

Leading data aggregators have experience working with multiple specialty providers and can offer valuable input into finalizing a distribution and services strategy. They understand providers’ reporting capabilities regarding the quality, timeliness, and accuracy of sending data and can make recommendations that align with the unique needs of a specialty product launch. 

A best-in-class data aggregator has experience supporting numerous specialty launches and can share recommended approaches to optimize patient care data specific to a product’s therapeutic category, as well as business goals and peak operational performance. ValueCentric is uniquely suited to suggest innovative analytics solutions, largely due to 15 years of experience in supporting launches across a wide range of products in different distribution and therapeutic profiles.

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